Elk Hunt 2019 Part 2


Larry and I Share Our Adventure

In this video, my brother-in-law and hunting partner share stories of our Elk Hunt in 2019.

Larry, his son Logan, my son Clay, and I had a great time. Spoiler alert! This was the year of the misses! 3 of us had 2 shot opportunities each and we came home empty handed.  This is not normal, but it happens.

But we still consider it a success! We learned a lot, as always, and had a great time!

One of the things we learned is that it’s hard to focus on hunting and still get good photos and video of the action. Hunting always takes priority. Though we were able to get a few snapshots, we wish we had taken more!  Maybe one of these days we’ll have a video crew to follow us around.


  1. Rusty Mauldin

    I enjoyed the video Jimmie, so cool to hear how you guys and your sons pursued the great wapiti – which I believe are more wary than the whitetail deer we have in Texas. You guys worked it hard in hard country to bow hunt in! Great times!!

    • Jimmie Norris

      Thanks Rusty. I love getting out in the beautiful country chasing those awesome animals. It’s a double blessing when you can do it with the one’s you love – especially your children.

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Jimmie is a retired high tech engineer who now spends his time writing about elk hunting, selling Real Estate, and doing DIY projects.

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