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Elk Hunting Gear – What Do You Really Need?

    Elk Hunting Gear       What are the really critical things that you need? This is Bob. Good Friend, Hunting Buddy, and Gear Competitor. I think I’ll blame it on Bob.  My oversized collection of elk hunting gear and elk camping gear. I’ll...

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Elk Hunting Success Tip: Time In The Woods

Elk Hunting Success Tip: Spend Time In The Woods   Want to Invest in Something With a High Probability of Payoff in Shot Opportunities? Schedule plenty of extra time in your hunting area. unsplash-logoJordan Whitt The spike bull had no idea I...

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Elk Hunting Application Deadlines

  Elk Hunting Application Deadlines   Plan Your Elk Hunt Now I moved through the night with a sense of near panic.  I mentally kicked myself for the pickle I had gotten myself into.No predator pursued me.  I wasn’t hopelessly lost.  The reality...

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Elk Hunting Adventure for Christmas

 Elk Hunting Adventure for Christmas Give the gift of Elk Hunting and create Adventure Memories of a Lifetime  “Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.”  That was the thought going through my head as my ATV high centered on a big rock.  Between...

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Elk Hunting on a Budget

 Elk Hunting on a Budget  Money Saving Tips for the Frugal Elk Hunter It was my first year bowhunting for elk.  I graduated from college less than a year earlier, and landed my first entry level position.  My wife and I recently bought our...

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Elk Shooting Range

How far is too far when it comes to Elk Hunting? I explore the things you need to be prepared BEFORE you are faced with the decision whether or not to shoot.

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2018 Archery Elk Hunt Week 2 Video

Archery Elk Hunt Week 2Come along for week 2 of my2018 Archery Elk Hunt.This was one of the tougher elk hunts that I have been on.  Physically tough and hard to find elk.We finally did locate some elk, and I was able to get some on video.Like Week 1, I was...

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