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Meet My Hunting Partner

Meet My Hunting PartnerChanges Can Be Good!   I'm making some change here at  Now you are going to get two for your money!  It's still free!  This video is an introduction to a very accomplished elk hunter.  He just happens to be my...

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Elk Hunting Adventure 2019 Part 1

Elk Hunting Adventure 2019 Part 1  Sorry About That Before I give you an update on my Elk Hunting Adventure for 2019, let me apologize.  I've always done my best to publish every couple of weeks.  Life got extra busy and I had some problems with my email...

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Elk Hunting from a Blind

 Elk Hunting From A Blind 3 Tips for Success Elk hunting isn't often associated with sitting in a blind, but adding this tactic will give you more opportunities. Transcript Elk Hunting From A Blind Hi, I’m Jimmie Norris with...

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