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Elk Hunting Boots – 5 Choices

  Elk Hunting Boots - 5 Choices You Need To Make   Thinking of buying elk hunting boots?  You have many options to choose from.  What are the best choices for you? TranscriptHi!  I’m Jimmie Norris with  This is the second...

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Elk Hunting Success [Video]

  Elk Hunting Success - How Do You Define It?   Are you a failure if you don't bring home a record book bull? Video or Text? Here is my second episode of a video log.  I'm still learning and trying to improve (just like elk...

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Elk Hunting Gaiters – Video

  Elk Hunting Gaiters Are these on your Elk Hunting Gear list? Should the be? If you would rather watch a video than read a post, check out the link on the left.  It's my first attempt at a video log (VLOG), and I have lots of...

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Rattling Bull Elk

Rattling Bull Elk   Is Rattling for Bull Elk Possible?   Can you use this whitetail technique on bull elk? Rattling Bull ElkThe bull’s bugle raised the hair on the back of my neck.  My heart pounded even faster knowing that this bugle...

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Elk Hunting Gear – What Do You Really Need?

    Elk Hunting Gear       What are the really critical things that you need? This is Bob. Good Friend, Hunting Buddy, and Gear Competitor. I think I’ll blame it on Bob.  My oversized collection of elk hunting gear and elk camping gear. I’ll...

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Elk Hunting Success Tip: Time In The Woods

Elk Hunting Success Tip: Spend Time In The Woods   Want to Invest in Something With a High Probability of Payoff in Shot Opportunities? Schedule plenty of extra time in your hunting area. unsplash-logoJordan Whitt The spike bull had no...

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Elk Hunting Application Deadlines

  Elk Hunting Application Deadlines   Plan Your Elk Hunt Now I moved through the night with a sense of near panic.  I mentally kicked myself for the pickle I had gotten myself into.No predator pursued me.  I wasn’t hopelessly lost.  The...

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Elk Hunting Adventure for Christmas

 Elk Hunting Adventure for Christmas Give the gift of Elk Hunting and create Adventure Memories of a Lifetime  “Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.”  That was the thought going through my head as my ATV high centered on a big rock.  Between...

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